About Us

Mr Kamal Kapur, although a Consultant by profession, is an avid reader of Hindi literature and devotes a lot of his time in keeping alive the culture, arts and ethos of Varanasi. Widely travelled across India, as also to faraway lands, Mr Kapur’s opinions, ideas and rich knowledge of Indian culture shines through all his interactions. You can even request for Mr Kapur’s company on your city and Ganges tour for an enriching experience.

Mrs Manju Kapur, a designer and a post graduate in Indian Classical music, is known for her warmth, her earnest care for your well being and the magic she creates with the Indian veggies (you might almost forget your meats for a while!). She can thrill you with fresh, simple, yet delectable dishes from her kitchen (fondly referred to as the ‘Tasty-Health Food Lab’ by guests) that are an intrinsic part of the our hospitality.

Staying with the Kapurs, you get to sample a unique mix of traditional and modern values that personify the India of today. Rooted, yet contemporary and liberal.

Thanks to their interest in Yoga, Indian history, local culture, cuisines and customs, they are able to share a lot in the moments that you are part of their lives.